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Church Security Training -

Is your church prepared during an unexpected emergency?  From something as simple as a medical emergency, a missing child, or a disruptive guest, tragedy can strike quickly.  As pubic shootings continue to make headlines, evaluating your security and emergency procedures are essential.  How you respond dictates the outcome and safety of others. We can assist you in creating a security team and provide training that is designed to equip and prepare your staff to maintain order in a crisis.


In studying past events, it has been proven that people rise – or fall – based on the level of training and preparedness.


Allied Defense is able to provide you with law enforcement experience and provide the on-site scenario based training your security team needs.  Make safety a priority.  Our goal is to have an open campus to share the good news while ensuring the campus is safe and secure.

Allied Defense can provide the expert guidance that you need!


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