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Emergency Procedures Flip Chart - (pictured) This easy to read emergency flip chart is an instruction tool and quick reference guide for individuals to keep at their workstations. Reviewing this condensed emergency procedure information will benefit all parties by helping to ingrain the appropriate reactive response without relying on complex decision making.

Allied Security Assessments -

Facilities face endless security risks, including vandalism and theft, on-site security breaches, rogue or mentally unstable employees and even terrorism.  An in-depth building security assessment and analysis are the first steps in effective site security planning and will help you prioritize the appropriate protective actions to take.

Reunification Process - This unique process is provided and reviewed with administrators who will be responsible for accountability of students at a school or children at a church.  After an Active Shooter Incident, maintaining order and having a process in place is imperative for reuniting children with their loved ones. This process cannot be planned for enough to ensure accountability.  Forms, parent handouts and a guided manual will be provided.

The Defense Analysis Consultation - This consultation entails meeting with administrators to review policies and procedures related to workplace violence or an "Active Shooter incident."  Allied Defense also assists the client in developing emergency plans and protocols that match the building capabilities.  The consultation will address:

  • Procedures for Lockdown, Secure Mode, Shelter in Place and Evacuation.

  • Handling threats made by current or dismissed employees.

  • Transmitting the presence of an assailant throughout your complex.

  • Evacuation routes based upon the proximity and status of the crisis.

  • The establishment of reunification sites and procedures to account for all individuals.

  • Quick reference guides for employees.

  • Assisting law enforcement’s response and priorities.

  • Initiating triage procedures and removing ambulatory occupants.

  • Best practices for assisting with investigation and post incident priorities including our “Allied Defender Kits.”



At Allied Defense we strive to provide better content, resources, and hands-on training so that we can create a winning alliance that “Empowers Those Around Us!"


Emergency Procedures Flip Chart


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