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“Please extend my thanks to Officer Swartz and Officer Wolschleger for a very professional and engaging training session conducted at the Township Government Center.  I wanted to tell you that the feedback I have received from the employees in attendance has been exceptional. It was evident throughout the day that the instructors take great pride in what they do, the program they designed for us was excellent, and provided very real world training that may serve to either diffuse a situation or save a life one day.  I look forward to seeing what is next as we continue to plan to be the best prepared, trained, and professional municipality in the region.”

- Dennis R. Liimatta, Superintendent

Charter Township of Grand Blanc




“Our center received the Active Shooter Training because we wanted to make sure we were aware of what we needed to do to keep the children in our center as safe as we possibly can. The training was very informative and highly beneficial. The role playing scenarios that we participated in were extremely helpful to our staff. The instructors want to help in any way that they can and provide great insight into how we can provide the best safety at our center specifically. I highly recommend all centers to complete this training.”

- Susan Arnould, Director

The Learning House Child Care Center

“Our company was extremely pleased with the training. Officer Swartz and Officer Wolschleger were professional and informative. This course provided some eye opening tips to make our facilities and employees safer and I would highly recommend this course for any business.”

- Kristina Brooks,  HR Generalist

Magna Electronics Technology Inc.


“In response to world events, the leaders of our local congregation were concerned with updating our building and training our staff in the event of violence or an active shooter.  We recognized the need for training on best practices but weren’t sure where to get it. Officer Swartz and Officer Wolschleger came to our meeting house and gave us the training that they provide to businesses and schools, modified to our needs.


The amount of wonderful information they gave us in such a short amount of time really changed our perspective and previous notions on how to prepare for and respond should violence enter our building.  They answered all our questions.


Everyone who attended raved about the training and we have taken what they gave us and created an emergency plan including training for teachers and members of the congregation.  I think every church in the area owes it to its membership to receive this training and be prepared. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

- Rick Brooks, Bishop 2nd Counselor

LDS Church


“Accument hosted a class consisting of 40 attendees ranging from Plant Managers, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Operations to hourly operators.  The class covered the fundamentals of responding to an Active Shooter. The employees learned methods to use to better prepare themselves and actions to take in an active shooter or hostile employee situation which included case studies.  The class was 3 hours long and we received very positive feedback from those in attendance. We are planning to strengthen our relationship with additional scenario training in the near future. The class was rated very favorably from our employees to use the recommendations in our facilities and business locations.  I would recommend that every company complete this training.

- Angela Cook PE, CSP | Michigan Regional EHS Manager

Accument Global Technologies

“I felt that the training was so beneficial to me as a teacher and also as a parent. I have to say that the hands on was very anxiety inducing, but I survived. :)  I appreciated the time you and the other Officers took to look at my classroom and give me specific ideas. I wish all schools would have to go through this training.”

- Teacher and Parent

Holy Family Catholic School


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